Open Weekdays -Summer 2017

Orange Ball camps enhance tolerance and abilities through novel sports, culture and skill activities. All are stretched. Each camper's technique and form are reviewed weekly via self-videos. Strenuous sports are kept brief, preceded by tailored warm-ups, and followed by non-aerobic activities.

Quick but thoughtful decision-making and team-building are the emphasis. Trained volunteers and leaders from many disciplines maintain this focus with top-level instruction, and enjoy flexible hourly and daily schedules.

Breaks bring exposure ​to diverse art forms and cuisine. During the half-day session overlap (from 12:30 to 1pm) live unplugged music alternates with a program of “55 countries in 89 days.” Self-expression is encouraged through drumming, rhythmic clapping, and sing-alongs. ​




& Snacks

Hot Lunch | 3 Snacks

Special diets okay!




Mon-Fri   7am-7pm
All Summer - No one turned away!

We will not be content without uplifting a million youth.

Heightened activity and teamwork in sports and life are intertwined.

                                 - Anonymous


& coaching

Days overflowing

with activities

First of many in:  East Bay  |  Silicon Valley  |  Northwest

OBYSS full or half-day sports camps provide safe and welcoming places where youth are empowered with communication, life and leadership skills, advanced coaching, outstanding nutrition, and exposure to world culture and diverse music. 

All skill levels
Ages: 6-18

Half days overlap a half hour, at 12:30

Mon-Fri: 7-7
arrive by 9:15 or 2:15

(Every summer vacation weekday)

While moving through a wide variety of sports, campers receive responsibilities of their choosing, instruction on how to use words powerfully, and aid on better relating to others.

Emphasis on continual interpersonal and skills improvement leads to humble confidence, and with healthier habits, creates a greater chance of success at any endeavor.